Academic Plan To Prepare For NEET-23
I am presenting the plan for how I am going to prepare my students for NEET-2023. But this can be used by any student to prepare for the medical entrance examination.


I will divide the total time available into four parts.
  • March 24, 2022, to August 15, 2022: you should use this time for the essential preparation of the XII Class CBSE syllabus. Don't only focus on NCERT/CBSE syllabus; prepare with a focus on the NEET examination. For that, you need to cover a lot of additional theory topics. Some concepts I will discuss in class may not be in the board syllabus, but you need to go through those topics for proper understanding of concepts and to solve numerical and MCQ faster.
  • August 16, 2022, to November 13, 2022: Devote these three months to revise the XI Class syllabus for the NEET. You can skip some of the derivations or definitions. The focus should be on the application of concepts to solve the MCQs. 
  • November 14, 2022 to January 15, 2023: This will be to revise the XII Class syllabus quickly & solving the MCQ assignment of all the chapters. Typically, pre-board examinations are also conducted in schools during this time, so timely revision will help you score well in pre-boards.
  • January 16, 2023, till NEET: This is the evaluation time to conduct different test series. The test will be unit wise/module wise/Full Syllabus. Evaluation will be used to identify weak concepts of students and rectify them.

How to prepare in the first five months of XII Class

  1. I have divided the XII Class syllabus into 100 sections and will try to explain five sections per week.
  2. Go through the theory of any given section from printed notes or class notes or books recommended. Whenever you read any passage from the textbook, write your doubts to discuss with me before we proceed to the next section.
  3. After finishing the theory of one section, solve numerical sheet and end of chapter problems based on that section only.
  4. Make it your habit to solve at least 50 numerical per week and about 100 MCQs.
  5. Use Sunday for weekly revision of Class notes and go through all the concepts you used to solve the numerical.
  6. Weekly doubts should be cleared after Sunday Class.
  7. Wednesday will be test day, syllabus for the test will be theory/numerical covered till Sunday in the class.

Details For Competitive Preparation:

The syllabus is divided into five modules, and each module has a weightage of about 20% [it can vary, and this estimate is based on the previous year's pattern]. The five modules are
  1. Mechanics
  2. General Physics
  3. SHM, Waves & Optics
  4. Electricity & Magnetism
  5. Modern Physics
If you want to excel in these modules, the minimum target should be solving 1000-1200 MCQ per module.
  • Weekly you have to devote about 6 hrs for revision of theory concepts & 12-14 hrs for practising MCQs
  • I will be conducting one test per week from August 22 to January 23. Evaluation will be both unit wise and module wise.
  • Always time log when you are solving MCQ to self evaluate your speed.

Other Important Points

  1. Try to finish the XII Class syllabus of all subjects by August 15, 2022, if you want to revise the XI Class syllabus for the next three months.
  2. Join test series of some other institute also [ by other it means the institute where you are not enrolled for regular classes]. This 'third party' evaluation will give you an idea about your preparation.
  3. Try to be away from 'social networks' for this crucial year, as it will always be a distraction when you are preparing for an examination like the NEET.
  4. I may tweak this plan a little bit following the class performance of students and my interaction with the students in the classroom.

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