The courses under this category are for students preparing for school examinations. The salient features of these courses are

  1. Focus on the building of conceptual understanding of the subject
  2. Daily practice sheets
  3. Only one topic or concept is covered daily so that students are able to grasp it properly
  4. Quick test to check the understanding on daily basis through our app on google play store and iOS

Magnetic Effects Of Current will consist Of three main Parts

  1. Force Acting On Charges & Conductors in Magnetic Field
  2.  Magnetic field intensity generated by different current distributions
  3. Magnetism: Earth's Magnetism and Classification of materials on the basis of their magnetic properties

Kinematics covers studying the mechanics' concept without considering the cause of motion. The course is subdivided into 4 parts

  • Motion in a straight line with uniform velocity
  • Motion in a straight line with uniform acceleration
  • Projectile motion
  • Circular motion