How To Select Coaching Classes For JEE/NEET

First Things First

Before joining any coaching classes, you should be clear about 'why you want to join the coaching classes?'. If you are a Medical or non-medical stream student, this question becomes more relevant. Answer can be
  1. You want to prepare for the board as well as competitive examination in synchronisation
  2. You want to score good marks in the board examination and go abroad for studies.
  3. You are not sure if you're going to prepare for a competitive exam.

For XII Students

Most of the students entering XII Class have been studying online for the last two years. Although they may be sure that they have a good grasp of the subject, trust me, many gaps are left if you have just prepared in online mode. So when you are selecting a coaching institute or faculty, you should have clarity about weak points of the XI Class syllabus and if faculty will help you clear those. Points To Consider
  1.  You can discuss teaching methodology with the faculty 
  2. The books recommended by faculty in the preparation of exams.
  3. Feedback from the ex-students of the faculty
  4. Past results of the faculty or coaching centre.
  5. The quality of printed study material provided by the faculty.

Verify The Results & Get Independent Feedback

Independently try to verify the results of the institute. Some parents or students want to attend demo classes before paying the fees. If the faculty is new, you may ask for a demo class, but I feel it's of no use for two reasons.
  • No faculty will teach wrong in a demo class
  • The student will not be able to judge the competence of teachers in one or two classes
Instead of demo class, talk to students who have already studied at least one entire session at the institute. You can also check google reviews for the coaching centre or faculty.

Most Important

If you are joining for preparation for a competitive examination, always focus on the success percentage of the faculty and not the absolute number of students selected. For example, the selection of 10 students from a group of 20 is much better than selecting 20 students from a group of 100 students. In addition, batch size should not be huge for competitive examination preparation as faculty will never be able to connect with the students and pinpoint their mistakes.  

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