Why Change In Teaching Methodology Is Required?
This Session? I have been mentoring students for engineering and medical entrance examinations for 29 Years. But due to the pandemic situation, the last two years have been tough for students. Although many of the students feel satisfied with their preparation, interacting with them, I have realised gaps in their conceptual understanding of the subject. The main problems the students face are
  • They have understood the theory part but can still not solve the numerical associated with the concept.
  • They don't know how to solve tricky Physics problems.
  • They lost focus and were frequently distracted when attending online classes.
  • Students are using conventional methods to solve MCQ, which are time-consuming and feel a shortage of time.
  • Solving many problems from sub-standard books rather than following standard and time-tested Physics Books.
So, the course this year is designed to overcome the students' difficulties by splitting any given unit into sections and sub-sections. In addition, the Batch size will be deliberately kept small. These two steps will help me individually monitor the performance of all students in the batch. Experience of teaching students will help me tweak the process whenever required. Still, I don't want the result of students in engineering or medical entrance suffering due to Online Classes last academic session.

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